A talented team of professionals manages Watt Communities, a division of Watt Residential, with a passion for building new home neighborhoods from entry-level to high-end luxury homes. For more than 70 years, the Watt Communities team has developed and planned residential neighborhoods throughout the Western United States – with a focus on all regions of California.

Watt Communities, one of five business units of Watt Companies, builds quality new home neighborhoods from entry-level to high-end luxury residences.

Watt Communities has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of Southern California’s premier home builders. Of course, any mention of Watt Communities must start with its rich history and the name of its founder, Ray Watt.

In 1947, Ray Watt founded the first of the companies that bare his name. He wanted to build new homes, and Ray was concerned that people had saved their hard-earned dollars but were not able to find homes to purchase.

He started small by building a few individual homes at a time, and doing some remodeling of existing homes. By 1949, he was up to 15 homes a year. That first company was called Day and Night Construction, reflecting Ray’s penchant for long, productive work days. And to this day, that work ethic has not changed.

Today, under the guidance of Ray’s son Scott Watt (Chairman) and Howard Press (President), the tradition thrives, built upon more than 100,000 homes and apartments, eight million square feet of office and industrial space, 50 shopping centers and three major hotels.

Originally conceived as a Los Angeles-based, infill homebuilding company, Watt Communities has grown into a regional, Communities development company through its Watt Communities brand in Northern and Southern California, Arizona through a joint venture with New Leaf Communities and its Palisades Development arm in the Washington D.C. area.

Our core values have not changed in more than half a century, and our devotion to integrity, responsibility and fairness continue to serve our company and our home buyers as well.