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Our Legacy

Ray Watt founded his first construction company in 1947 called, “Day and Night Construction”. Under his watchful guidance, the company successfully grew from a small building business to a large multi-faceted real estate development organization. Watt Companies is credited with more than six billion dollars in completed projects. This third-generation family-owned business holds true to their core values.

Watt Communities is a team guided by the Watt Legacy. Senior executives have an entrepreneurial spirit, are forward thinkers and possess a wealth of knowledge in homebuilding. Our portfolio is diverse and we cross into multiple markets.

Watt Communities upholds higher standards in building homes. We are committed to customer satisfaction and meeting the expectations of our future homeowners. Our mission statement is “proudly and passionately working together to build a better quality of life.” We believe in creating a community you’ll call “home” as we continue to build for future generations.

We’ve built our reputation.

The Ray Watt Legacy

In 1947, Ray Watt founded the first of the companies to bear his name. He wanted to build new homes and Ray was concerned that people had saved their hard-earned dollars but were unable to find homes to purchase. He started small by building a few individual homes and remodeling existing homes. In 1949, Ray was up to 15 homes a year. Hs first company was called Day And Night Construction, reflecting Ray’s penchant for long, productive days. Read More

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