What our homeowners have to say about us:

“We are delighted to be living at Hidden Ridge. It is our third house in the Sacramento region and our second Watt Community home. Though we were initially concerned about the proximity of the development to noisy Sunrise Avenue, the house layout and quality of construction have made that concern a distant memory. In. fact, with our master bedroom tucked away in the back corner of our large lot, it has become quite the restful retreat for us. And to top it all off, both the Hidden Ridge neighbors and the established community neighbors have been outgoing and friendly. After moving three times in the last 20 years, we feel like we are finally home to stay. 

“Our experience with Watt Communities was delightful from the beginning to the end. Joe Sedivy is a Gem. He made our experience with building our first home better than we could have ever imagined. He had a great choice of floor plans and options available that we could adjust to fit our needs. We were able to be involved throughout the building process. Joe kept us well informed on what was going on. Chuck and Karla made the loan process easy and was always willing to answer questions. Design Model was helpful with helping us choose the many design choices to create a home perfect for us. We didn’t feel like customers, we felt like family. I am glad we chose Watt Communities to buy our home. ”

We moved into our new home in Hidden Ridge shortly before Thanksgiving. We LOVE this neighborhood and all the new neighbors we have met! The people here remind me so much of those I left behind in my hometown 30 years ago in that we are like an extended family here. If you need to go out of town, you can be assured your neighbors are watching out for you, your house, and are even kind enough to take care of the packages that may be delivered to your porch. We exchange phone numbers and call each other when we see something that the other needs to be aware of.

We watched our house being built from the ground up. Our previous house was also a new one, but it was on the market when we first saw it. That builder cut so many corners! He even glued (not nailed) the face boards on the front of the bathroom sinks.We constantly had electrical issues with circuits being blown. One thing I can attest to is Watt does not cut corners! The quality of their craftsmanship is beyond compare and they stand behind their work!

Dean and I are now living in our forever home. We love everything about this house and our Hidden Ridge community. I think anyone would want to be a part of this wonderful community!

My husband and I purchased our first starter home in Fair Oaks about a year and a half ago. We instantly fell in love with the neighborhood, but knew we would eventually outgrow the house. When we discovered Watt was building a small development of homes just around the corner, we knew this was our opportunity to remain in the neighborhood that we adored and have the space to grow our

family. After touring the model homes with my parents and falling in love with the designs, it became even more clear this was the right next step. It might sound crazy, but after only a year in our first home, we chose to take a leap of faith and move into our dream home just around the corner. Better yet, my parents bought the house across the street!

Working with Watt throughout the buying and building process was such a delight. My husband and I would take evening walks around the neighborhood and watch our new home take shape week-by-week. Picking out custom finishes and having a say in the final product was the icing on the cake. It is so evident that Watt takes pride in their work and sincerely prioritizes the wishes of their buyers. Every detail of the home is so beautiful, well thought-out, and convenient.

We couldn’t be happier!

“Being a first time buyer, I was a bit overwhelmed. I loved the houses that Watt Communities was offering, but was skeptical that I could actually afford it and make it happen. They were incredibly patient and helpful answering all my questions, making sure I had everything in order, and ensuring that I stayed informed along the way. In the end, we ended up closing a day earlier than expected, and I am moving into a home that is brand new and one that I never thought I would be able to buy! Thanks Watt for helping make it happen!”

Jim is an amazing sales manager, thank you for making our dream come true. We are very grateful to you and Watt Communities.

Do you have a great story to share about your home buying experience with Watt Communities? We’d love to hear it and let others know too.